Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Winter Wednesdays #1

Here we are beginning another winter. Several dreary months ahead of cold weather, grey days, early dark, and did I mention the cold? Winter is not my favourite time, so I always make an effort to find and identify things I like about the season. I was thrilled to read on Hazel's blog last week that she is also attempting to find the joy in winter, by starting up a series of posts called Winter Wednesdays. So I thought I'd join in. I may not post every single Wednesday, but I'll definitely make an attempt to share some winter cheer!

 This is my kitchen windowsill, decorated in whites and neutrals in honour of the season.
 (Excuse the bad lighting in these photos... but hey, you know what time of year it is...)

Gorgeous wintersweet in a rustic cream-glazed vase.

These sweet little salt and pepper shakers were just $3 from Riccarton Market. I love the flower print and the coppery lids.

Chives for winter cooking (if they ever actually grow that is).

Seedheads and berries.

These are Starball Scabiosa. The seedheads make great decorations. They are a gorgeous parchment brown with a darker brown star shape in the middle of each floret. I grew them in the garden this year especially for winter decorating.

Not sure what these berries are, but I suspect the white rabbit knows. He looks like he's feasted on quite a few.
That's it for my first Winter Wednesdays post. Have a look at Hazel's post for more winter cheer!


  1. Hi there, Seed heads do make great arrangements, yours look great! Found your blog through Hazels and Im going to enjoy following your Winter Wednesdays. Cheers!!

  2. Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. I'm glad you stopped by for some winter cheer :)



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