Monday, 6 June 2011


Today I spent a bit of time tidying the front garden in preparation for putting in some roses. I've never really known what to do with this bit of garden, it has two olive trees on either side and did have some ugly shrubbery filling it. I dug all the shrubbery out and removed the weedmat, then removed all the invasive grass that was growing through the weedmat (it's the kind that spreads by a long root).

Previously I'd planted bulbs under the olive trees, and freesias - they are all standing in a row like soldiers which suited last year's design, but when they've flowered I'll probably dig them up and distribute them a bit more randomly. There are also self-seeded poppies which might hide the roses while they get themselves established in spring. Eventually though, I will underplant them with catmint and pink carnations.

Meet the new ladies...
 Queen Elizabeth
A Grandiflora rose, with large elegant flowers on long stems which are good for picking. It grows quite bushy and vigorous. Seems not too prone to black spot, and flowers are lightly fragranced.

Claire Rose
An Austin rose with large frilly flowers. Fragrant and good for picking.

Sexy Rexy
Apparently everyone who's serious about roses grows Sexy Rexy! Not that I consider myself a roseophile, but it met my criteria - pink, fragranced and good for picking. It's also won numerous awards so hopefully it's easy to grow and doesn't need too much attention!
It will be interesting to see about the fragrance of these roses. I made sure each one I bought had "fragrant" on it's description, but after googling it seems to be one of those personal things. Some people can smell it and some can't. I will keep you posted though...


  1. Sexy Rexy is one great looking rose. Isn't it just the way you imagine a rose should be? I can see why people grow it. I found a peice of flowering catmint today, the bit that escaped the cat and thought how nice it will be if it gets the chance to grow here. Come summer, you are going to have a lovely display.

  2. Beautiful, I love roses, your garden is going to look lovely with those pink ladies.

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