Saturday, 11 June 2011

Weird Cat Behaviour #5


Couch diving.

Duck under the throw, grab the couch with your claws, and pull! Roll over, kick your legs out, get your claws into everything! Duck and dive, flip and skid. Grab the fabric in your mouth and make manic snarling, snuffling noises. Then get up, walk calmly away, and wash. Refuse to acknowledge the mess of throw rugs and shredded fabric left behind.

(Weird Cat Behaviour is an occasional series on this blog. For earlier posts, go here.)


  1. Cats are weird like that.

  2. I must track down wintersweet. From memory its one of those shrubs that blend in but come into their own at a particular time of year. It's lovely. Cats have their own unfathomable normal.

  3. hahaha.....keeping up the crazy - always good :)
    Hope your ok.....sorry your back in that pickle again, can't say I'm sad that I'm missing out this time though :S
    xxxxx stay safe!



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