Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cozy cans

Apparently we are having a mild start to winter. Not that I've really noticed; cold is cold and dark is dark and winter is winter, in my opinion. So I got out my hook and yarn and made a cozy wrap for this pink geranium who is overwintering inside. Actually, it was a new hook and this was a new crochet stitch for me: Tunisian. It has a finished look similar to knitting. It seemed to take foreeever to do, but I persevered and was pleased with the finished knit-look result - the one thing knitting has over crochet is that you can do ribs! (Oh and socks.)

A final row of single crochet in pink.

And some vintage buttons to finish it off.

I potted up my fibre optic plant in the other cozy. Here they are on the windowsill with their friend the red cyclamen, who is outgrowing his little terrarium. One more can cozy coming up...


  1. I've managed to learn to do ribs and cable look with crochet. I do like the look of knit ones a slight bit better, but it is possible with regular crochet. I love your pot cozy though. We've been having a pretty mild summer here. This makes me happy, I don't like hot and humid summers.


  2. Thanks Erin! What did you make with crocheted cables? I'll have to have a look around online for some patterns.

  3. I made a cup cozy for when I buy coffee out, rather than make my own. Here is a link to the pattern on Esty that I bought and used. It worked up larger than I meant it to, so next time I will use smaller yarn and hook. I've got other patterns for arm warmers and such, but haven't tried making them yet.

  4. Thanks for the pattern link, the cables are cool! I definitely want to give them a go some time...



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