Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Seeds to share

I saved a few seeds from some of my tomatoes. Just cut a ripe tomato in half, scoop out the seeds, and spread them on a paper towel to dry. Don't forget to write the variety on the paper towel! I even made little paper envelopes for some of mine, but a paper bag would work just as well.

So I have some tomato seeds to share if anyone wants to try them. I'm happy to post them anywhere within NZ.

Abraham Lincoln
Large, firm red fruit.

Amazon Chocolate
Large brown beefsteak fruit, very tasty.

Brown Berry
Small brown cherry tomato, tangy savoury taste.

Sunset's Red Horizon
Red medium-large fruit, said to be frost resistant and resistant to cracking.

Yellow Pear
Small yellow, pear shaped fruit. Sweet and mild flavour. Plants tend to be very bushy.

Red Fig
Small red, pear shaped fruit. Vigorous and prolific, however the fruit were very quick to crack and split.

I also have some seeds of the pink Sunset Runner beans, these were just like normal runner beans but with pretty salmon pink flowers. (Note: these were grown next to white flowering cannelini beans, though according to Google they shouldn't have cross-pollinated.)

Just email me your address if you want some (it's on the left hand side of my profile page). It's hard to believe that the seed catalogues will be out next month... bring it on I say! Apparently King's Seeds will have a rainbow carrot mix, so that's definitely on my list! Along with some more mizuna for planting the potager edges. What's on your list this season?

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