Sunday 21 September 2008

Things to do on a sunny Sunday

Go to the Spring Show at Hagley Park
Have a walk in the botanic gardens
Weed my garden and pick some flowers
Go to Spotlight - pick out some yarn for my next crochet project
Go to Briscoes and get a new toaster
Work on my mini needlepoint
Find a patch of sunlight and bask in it
Cuddle Lui

Tuesday 16 September 2008

Colours of spring - hot pink

"Spring colours" are always considered to be pastels, aren't they? Not so at my place! Looking around me all I can see are vivid hot pinks, intense yellows, deep and moody blues and of course vivid green growth everywhere.

Here are some of my favourite hot pink photos from yesterday:
Pink socks on the line
Pink silver beet
Pink polyanthus
Pink buds on Miss Rose Chiffon (promises, promises)
Pink oxalis
Pink collaged magnet, flowers and ribbon scraps
Pink pincushion
Pink polys and pansies
Pink crochet thread
Pink magnolias
Pink weird lilies (these last two were taken at the botanic gardens a week or two ago)
Pink buttons (spilt hearts)

Yes, it IS spring and there's not a bunny or duckie in sight. What are your favourite spring pictures?

Monday 15 September 2008

She loves her cat

she loves her cat
mixed media
190 x 115 mm

This one felt like it took months to complete. Probably because I started off with a completely different concept and then changed to this when it didn't work out. I have been working hard though (evidence below!) and I've even started on the next painting.

PS. You can click on these photos to see them bigger.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

It IS spring!

It's spring, and here's proof! Daffodils are blooming and blossom is blossoming. The first of September was sunny and warm, and ideal for a walk beside the river.

Or a paddle and a piece of bread, if you felt so inclined.

How pretty is this little spot? I want to step into this photo and disappear forever!

I don't know what this flower is, but I like it. One of these days I want a rock garden of my very own, filled with tiny alpines and miniature bulbs.

That was just over a week ago. The weather since then has been unsettled, mostly cold and a fair bit rainy. But spring is here, I promise!


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