Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Colours of spring - hot pink

"Spring colours" are always considered to be pastels, aren't they? Not so at my place! Looking around me all I can see are vivid hot pinks, intense yellows, deep and moody blues and of course vivid green growth everywhere.

Here are some of my favourite hot pink photos from yesterday:
Pink socks on the line
Pink silver beet
Pink polyanthus
Pink buds on Miss Rose Chiffon (promises, promises)
Pink oxalis
Pink collaged magnet, flowers and ribbon scraps
Pink pincushion
Pink polys and pansies
Pink crochet thread
Pink magnolias
Pink weird lilies (these last two were taken at the botanic gardens a week or two ago)
Pink buttons (spilt hearts)

Yes, it IS spring and there's not a bunny or duckie in sight. What are your favourite spring pictures?

1 comment:

  1. Such vibrant, beautiful, rich colors of spring! Your photo collage is so juicy and lovely! Happy spring to you!




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