Tuesday, 9 September 2008

It IS spring!

It's spring, and here's proof! Daffodils are blooming and blossom is blossoming. The first of September was sunny and warm, and ideal for a walk beside the river.

Or a paddle and a piece of bread, if you felt so inclined.

How pretty is this little spot? I want to step into this photo and disappear forever!

I don't know what this flower is, but I like it. One of these days I want a rock garden of my very own, filled with tiny alpines and miniature bulbs.

That was just over a week ago. The weather since then has been unsettled, mostly cold and a fair bit rainy. But spring is here, I promise!


  1. How lovely. My favorite is Fall, which we will be sliding into soon. Happy Spring!

  2. I love fall too. Something about these changing seasons just makes you feel good!



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