Monday 20 April 2009

This afternoon

Life has been busy. Not in an exciting way, just in a getting-things-done-with-the-house kind of way, and as each day draws to an end, and each weekend rushes to a close, and each week passes with a sort of breathless finality, I think to myself, oh, I really need to update my blog...

But I don't, because I haven't taken any interesting photos, and I have to weed the garden, and the washing needs folding, and it's time for tea, and I have to finish a swap, and I just want to take a break for five minutes and curl up with a book -


this afternoon

in between baking my bread rolls for lunch this week and a trip to the library -

I saw it. The petals of the dahlia and the soft strands of the solomon's knot crochet. A photo! I cried, grabbed my camera and snapped before the moment was lost. And then, relieved, I got on with my housework once more.


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