Saturday, 9 October 2010

Spring posies

When flowers are abundant in my garden, I love to pick them and scatter them in vases throughout the house. I put them in places I'll be sure to see and smell them... the hallway table, dining table, kitchen windowsill, beside my bed. If I get a particularly nice bunch of something gorgeously scented, I've even been known to carry it with me from room to room. But basically I'll pick anything that's flowering or looks interesting... parsley, branches from shrubs, seed heads... it's all good!

Above is an early spring display. I just adore the look created by grouping several glass vases together and filling some or all of them with flowers. It's harder than you might think to create a good grouping of vessels though and mine still looks a bit sparse, so I think a bit of second hand shop trawling might be called for to find some more little bottles and things.

This cute little espresso cup is my favourite vase at the moment.

Here it is again with some pansies. They surprised me and lasted several days in the water.

My neighbour gave me some freesia bulbs and I planted them in my front garden. Behind are some poppies ("angel wings") and some tulips which I thought were going to be pale pink, but turned out red. The yellow freesias were also a surprise, but they became my favourites because of the long graceful stems and elegant structure.

They look so pretty in a vase, and smell divine too!

I just came across a new blog dedicated to sowing, growing and arranging flowers. Have a look at Flaming Petal for lots of inspiring ideas (there is also a seed giveaway on!)

How is your flower garden looking?


  1. I am in love with Spring. My garden is soooo full of flowering things it is hard to know where to look. I think that because I am a little further north than you, Spring has come here a little earlier. I love the idea of all the little bottles. i am going to look out for some.

  2. Your photos are lovely. Flowers in my garden are for the minute, support crew for the fruit trees; they are sort of the cinderellas although I love them, comfrey and herbs and calendula, aromatics for the bees and phacelia growing, all those permaculture favourites and then seeds chucked in of anything I can scrounge. Freesias are one of my favourites but they are not cold hardy enough here.

  3. Your flower bed is looking lovely, it is nice to bring the flowers in and enjoy them inside too,at the moment I have some lilac flowers in a vase this is the first year it has flowered so I am making the most of it.

  4. I love all the gorgeously simple arrangements you do to bring your garden in. Thanks for posting the link to Flaming Petal too!

    I am 'borrowing' some of your spring posie ideas for my own flowers and house :)


  5. Thanks for your comments everyone! Hope you all have some gorgeous posies in your own homes.



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