Sunday 25 November 2012

Something is eating my strawberries...

... and it's not me! I see no evidence of slugs or snails and birds don't go in the glasshouse. Earwigs maybe? Those little buggers are difficult to eradicate. I had a quick spray with pyrethrum and topped up the neem granules, so I hope that works. Whoever is scarfing these berries is not even waiting until they are fully ripe, so they are getting in before I do. And it's making me MAD!


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    1. I often observe the birds in my garden and they don't go in there. I know they love strawberries though...

  2. I had a raccoon that was always eating our strawberries. He use to take bites out of them and sometimes leave the half eaten one laying around where I would find it:-) That is pretty high for a raccoon, and I don't know if you have them there...We had to cover ours at night to get him to stop eating our strawberries. I would admire them for days and just when I was ready to pick them I would find them half eaten! I understand:-) robbie

    1. Robbie, that's exactly what it's like, right down to finding a big piece of strawberry left on my wooden seat! But we don't have raccoons in NZ. So, unless Mr Lui has a friend he's not telling me about, I guess that's not it. (I would rather it be raccoons than earwigs though!)

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