Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Last week

Last week began with more earthquakes, more liquefaction, more mess. We have learned how to deal with this situation and so we pick things up, clean up, and try to move on. The piles of sand and mud are collected that very evening by council trucks working long into the night.

Mud and muck is piled outside my back door. The cat walks through it and tracks mud through the house. I wipe the benches with paper towels, because the water supply is off for two days.

Last week Jon's dad passed away. It was unexpected and we grieve his loss.

Garden flowers are confused. Bulbs and spring-flowering shrubs are blooming. I wonder what will be left, come September.


  1. Poor Christchurch. Poor you. It just doesn't seem fair! *Hugs*

  2. There will be lots left, there always is.... I think i saw some trees blossoming the other day, made me wonder if they were doing it for our benefit. Mind you - even though i think it feels cold apparently we are having a warm winter! Ha who knew.

    Hope your vege garden was not covered in silt? How is your house placed in the recent "zoning"? The home I grew up in is going, feel so bad for the new owners - sad to see the whole neighborhood having to pack up and leave. Keep picking the flowers and putting a bit of cheer back in your day - its all friggin hard right now, things will only get better.... we hope!

  3. I agree, keep picking the flowers and bringing that beauty into your world. I was wondering how things were going of late. We had some power cuts ourselves last week and I realised how easy it is from a cosy comfortable home to say, 'I hope things get better soon' without any understanding at all. I really do hope things get better soon.

  4. Hi Ruth sorry to hear of Johns fathers passing, it sounds like you guys are staying positive, I know its hard when you get more liquefaction and you probably feel like your back at square one again.
    Sometimes it is nice to enjoy the little things in life,like your early spring bulbs, such crazy weather we are having, and no snow yet.

  5. Thanks you guys xxx

    Our house is in the green zone. A couple of blocks away it is a different story, so it's still hard to imagine what life will be like in this neighbourhood in a few years time. Very grateful to still have my garden and flowers though!



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