Thursday, 5 April 2012


The change of season is making itself known. The end of daylight savings last weekend brings early night and the promise of colder days to come. I comfort myself as best I can by cosying up the house with extra blankets, snuggly cushions on the couch, extra lamps, candles. I made strawberry cupcakes with the last big glut of strawberries, and lavender bags with the last of the lavender.

Autumn foliage and fungus are popping up. I'll have berries soon to add to my autumn Tiny Things display. I was amazed to come across this sea of toadstools, while visiting Jon's mum in Waimate -  they are really seasonally festive.

Our internet connection is on the blink. We are still in the throes of figuring out the problem - is it the modem, at 1 year and 50 weeks, coming to the end of its life? (The techies at our ISP seem to think so.) When I plugged in the old ADSL modem, things worked fine for a couple of days, before the connection began to drop again. Presumably the next step is for a technician to come out and check the wiring, find nothing wrong, and charge through the nose for it. Oh technology, I love you so.

This weekend I'll be out in the garden, tidying up, pruning, planting the last of the bulbs. Reading magazines and pining for my internet fix. See you all soon, hopefully!


  1. thats one very snuggly pussy cat!!. your cupcakes look lovely - the first thing i said when i saw the pic....jelly crystals!!. you cant buy crystals here, the jelly in sold as a solid block you melt down and then set in the fridge!.

    1. Wha?? What's the point of that? Jelly crystals are so useful. (Though I must say the cupcakes didn't need the extra sugar, as the Temptation strawberries I used were sweet enough!)

  2. We had modem issues awhile back. Even after we borrowed someone else's it was both modems! We ended up borrowing one we knew worked from a friends place down the road and quickly returned it once established his modem worked. He sacrificed internet for a few hours for us... very lovely of him! We then changed out interweb plan to the Orcon genius one that has the new modem and phone included in the package - cheaper than our old plan, way more data and we don't need to worry about the cheap bit of tech breaking because orcon owns it and will replace it when it breaks! Win win! Just thought i would let you know.... love autumn!! Esp in chch. AND todays weather? Unbelievable. WARM. Indian summer time.

  3. Hmm that's a good point. I was considering Orcon, especially if Quickflix takes off. Oh yeah the weather has been so lovely, easter weekend was fab and I think we all deserved it after the summer that never was!



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