Saturday, 28 April 2012


 Last year I was interviewed for an article in Avenues magazine, about Christchurch bloggers. The article was meant to be published around December/January, but though I peeked there was no sign of it. It wasn't in February, March or April either, so I figured they had decided not to use it after all, and got on with my life. Then last week my workmate brought a copy in for the staff room table. I was flicking through it on my lunch break and to my surprise, came face to face with myself. The article highlights five bloggers in total and all are worth checking out.

Mr Lui is SO impressed that his mum is in a magazine. (He did find the article useful for sitting on - as the muddy pawprints will attest.)

It's the May issue, and if you would like to read the article it's online here.

Welcome to everyone who's found my blog through the article - I hope you'll want to visit again.


  1. Hey Ruth what a great article about local bloggers that's so exciting, Mr Lui dosen't look too phased, must say he is very cute snuggled up there.

    1. Mr Lui just likes to display ownership of things by sitting on them, that's why he's next to my crochet :) He doesn't care about fame and fortune as long as he gets his dinner on time.



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