Sunday, 29 April 2012

Salad Days - April

It's autumn and though the tomatoes are finishing up, there's still plenty to forage up for an interesting salad. (I posted here about the tough Juliet tomato plant - it's still hanging in there!) Luckily green tomatoes continue to ripen if you bring them inside.

This pot of mixed lettuces is almost finished. I have another pot growing on in the glasshouse which will be ready to switch out soon.

Grow, my darlings, grow.

For the coldest days of winter, I have sorrel. This is one tough little plant - even frost won't knock it back. It has a delicious lemony tang which livens up any sandwich.

A yummy mixed salad of lettuces, sorrel, rocket, tomatoes and feta cheese.

This post is part of the 52 week Salad Challenge hosted at Veg Plotting. Once a month everyone posts to show how they are getting on producing salads from their garden. Here's this month's post. I missed last month's due to my internet problems but now I'm back... and I'm aiming not to miss any more!


  1. Hi Ruth - that looks a very attractive salad. It's the various colours of the tomatoes contrasting with the greens and feta :)

    I must try some sorrel for winter later in the year too. It's always good to have something with a sharp contrast for that time...

    1. Yes I do love homegrown tomatoes for their colour as much as anything! You can never grow too many different kinds.

  2. Lovely salad!
    Is that soup next to it? Looks good, too!
    Happy gardening!
    Lea's Menagerie
    - visiting from the 52 week salad challenge

    1. It's actually a self-crusting quiche, chock full of veges as you can see! It made a great lunch. Thanks for visiting :)



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