Saturday, 10 December 2011

Timaru Garden Tour #8

The last stop on our tour is the garden of Lillian and James Milne.
 This is another 'normal' sized garden in a suburban street. (Smaller gardens often give me more hope, as the ideas seem like they will be more achievable in my own small space.) 

I'd really like a stone-flanked terrace like this one. It's so sunny and private. I love the selection of treasures nestled under the conifer.

 Happy pansies in a decorative barrow brighten this shady corner.

 Rounding the corner of the house, you come upon the glasshouse. Concrete steps are set into the corner of the path.

 Another view of the glasshouse, and the gently terraced vegetable garden.

 The front garden is filled with sun loving plants. A small tree creates a focal point.

This pretty rose is tucked away under the tree. I don't know the variety but I thought it would be a good note to finish the tour on. Hope you've enjoyed taking a peek into these lovely gardens! Thanks to all the garden owners for creating and sharing such beauty.

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  1. What a lovely small garden, I just read your post about your peanut plant it is very unusual looking with the yellow flower, it will be interesting to see how much you harvest from them.



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