Friday, 2 December 2011

Timaru Garden Tour #4

These pictures are from the country garden of Margaret and John Hepburn.

This garden looks out over paddocks and hills. A seat attached to a rustic cartwheel overlooks the vista. The red flowers are London's Pride, a form of heuchera.

Tucked in next to the seat we find this. A souvenir from a really good party perhaps?

Flowers in the birdbath are a really nice touch. I'll be stealing this idea, as soon as I get a birdbath!

Normally I'm a flowers, flowers, flowers kind of girl, but I really like the different textures happening here. I've been seeing ornamental grasses a lot in the magazines I read, and now here. They do look really lovely blowing in the wind. I also love the pencil conifers.

A happy planting combination that caught my eye. Violas really brighten up any situation don't they?

I initially thought this was erigeron (Mexican daisy) which is considered a weed in NZ so you can't buy it from garden centres. But it's actually an abundant saxifrage. It looks just lovely spilling over the low terrace wall.

And of course I had to photograph the vege plot. I like the tapestry effect achieved here by planting in rows. The nice wooden edge would be useful to balance your harvest basket on.


  1. Delighted to find your lovely blog today. How strange to see your garden going into summer. Winter here, big wave from Ireland:~)

  2. Very Beautiful pictures. I agree with the above post about seeing your garden blooming, here it is winter. I will visit more often during the cold months here in USA-midwest zone will lift my spirits. We are expecting snow next week---enjoyed your pictures today. I'm busy collecting seeds from my flowers, they are drying, but not for long---snow next week:-) robbie
    p.s. I forgot to mention last time, I love your picture at the top with the purple flowers and glass bottles...very pretty!

  3. Wow - I am amazed at the heuchera! They don't grow well here, so I've really never seen anything like that. Love the saxifrage, too. And what an impressive vegetable bed! Hmmm...maybe I'll plant in rows next year!



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