Thursday, 8 December 2011


Time to interrupt the garden tours for a brief update on my garden. Look, I've got flowers on my peanut! I'd only recently transplanted it into a bigger planter and I wasn't expecting any action for ages.

The planter is rubbish though. I bought it from The Warehouse and it's basically this big bag with holes cut in the top. I thought it would be good for the peanut because I don't know how big it will get and I can cut more holes if it needs to spread, but ugh I hate this planter bag. It's ugly and flops everywhere, it's impossible to move when full, and when watering the water just runs off the top of the plastic and drains away outside - this is unacceptable waste under water restrictions!

I think I might carefully remove the peanut and capsicum and put them into pots this weekend. I'll probably have to slice up the bag to get the potting mix out.

Also, would anyone like to come and shoot blackbirds in my garden? You can use a shotgun or a guided missile, I don't really care, just take the buggers out. Look at the mess they've made. This was a carefully mulched area, and they've had a field day tossing it all over the paths. You can see that they have actually gone all around the edges making sure as much mess is spread over the paths as possible. They do this anywhere that I spread mulch. Sometimes I put down bird netting, but I have to take it up once the seedlings get big.

Looks like Mr Lui is failing in his duties... I better go have a word with him.

(The second last garden tour will be up later tonight!)


  1. The birds must be looking for earthworms! I have never seen a peanut plant, or its bloom. It's very pretty! How fun to grow peanuts!

  2. I've never seen a peanut flower before either. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. That makes three of us - I've never seen a peanut flower before either! I certainly wasn't expecting them to be yellow. The flowers are supposed to develop a stalk that makes its way down into the soil and forms the peanut under the ground.



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