Friday, 30 December 2011

The potager throughout the year

I've been going through my garden photos today. I have a garden diary where I record the dates of things planted, harvests made, flowers blooming, etc. Then at the end of each year I print out my photos from each month and stick them in. I realised I have a good record of potager photos from this year. The potager was only properly finished in November 2010, so this has been it's first full year. And what a year it's been, full of crazy nature hijinks... There's not quite one photo for every month, but almost. 

So, let's proceed...

January 2011
It was the summer of the potato in my garden. I grew Swift, Desiree, Heather and Karuparere.

 February 2011
A lot of the back yard was swamped with sand and water after our mag 6.3 quake. Luckily there was no permanent damage to the potager.

 March 2011
Most of the mud has been cleaned up, but dried on dust still coats the paths.

 April 2011
All the spuds are gone and the beds are cleared out ready for winter crops.

 June 2011
Frost rims the leaves, but the chillis stand tall and proud.

 July 2011
The first of two freak snowstorms. Amazingly all the plants survived.

 October 2011
The beds are now planted with summer crops. Everything is so green and lush and tidy!

 November 2011
The salad greens are doing really well, and the last of the brassicas need picking to make way for heat loving summer plants.

December 2011
On a rainy summer's day, everything is starting to look a little overblown. Soon the potatoes will be flopping over the path, the tomatoes will be crowding out the beans, and the zucchinis and peppers will be duking it out. I feel a harvest coming on!

(You can read my post about the creation of the potager here)


  1. Ruth what a great way to look back on the year, even in the winter you still had quite a bit in your pottager. what a year! Hope you have a happy new year.

  2. Your potager is just beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at it through the year. The mud and the snow were so unexpected! What a year you went through! Look at that head of cabbage! Now I'm really jealous!

  3. The potager looks very successful and full of good food. We have family in Christchurch and have visited a couple of times. it's been a hard year for you all.
    Love the blog title btw, Ruth.

  4. Kellee - yes it definitely fed me year round! Well worth the time I put into it.

    Holley - I am hoping for a smoother year next year, but who can tell! The cabbages are dwarf ones that don't take up as much room as normal ones.

    Janet - thanks for stopping by my blog! A lot of people get a shock when they come to Chch these days. But the Garden City is still blooming, or trying to anyway!



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