Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Timaru Garden Tour #6

This is the garden of Jo and Corey Baxter.
Here's a cute little gazebo overlooking a waterfall. It looks so cool and sheltered tucked in behind the roses.

Metal herons bask in the sun.

The fluffy seedheads on this plant caught my eye as they swayed in the breeze. It might be pulsatilla? I'm not sure because I've never managed to keep one alive long enough for it to develop seedheads.

In this secluded courtyard, we met the boy of the house and a dog named Bonnie. Bonnie was a fat, old, lovely brown labrador. The boy showed us his favourite tree. Bonnie waddled off. As he was showing us some pruning he'd helped with, a truly awful smell drifted over. We looked over to see Bonnie, squatting with a grin on her face. "Awwwh!" cried the boy. "Bonnie dropped one!"

Fortunately she'd dropped it off the main track, and we were able to continue on.

See the little birdbath tucked away beside the conifers?

Small tree, big focal point.

This garden was also hosting Devonshire tea. There's nothing like a dainty teacup to make you feel ladylike.

The driveway was lined with rustic metal rose arches, and these Narnia-esque lamp posts. Magical!


  1. I love the metal heron, and the elegant teacups.

  2. Oh, beautiful! I love how the birdbath is tucked away behind those conifers! And what wonderful arches! So many, and all so prettily planted.



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