Sunday, 1 December 2013

Time, where do you go?

It's the first day of summer today. In the past month, I've spent pretty much every daylight minute that I'm home out in the garden, weeding and tidying and trimming and sowing and planting and weeding and transplanting and feeding and watering and staking and mulching and weeding. It's a neverending cycle, but luckily I love it. Being outside this time of year is wonderful... it's warm, bright, beautiful and smells good. The flower beds are full without being overcrowded. Some of my favourite summer stars are just opening their first buds in preparation for several months of blooms. The promise of spring is being fulfilled.

And as I rush by with the trowel or the watering can in hand, I pause, notice, and appreciate. I make mental notes that I really must take some photos, once I've finished for the day and all the strewn tools have been put away, then at the end of the day I tell myself I'll do it tomorrow.

One thing I am managing to do is pick and arrange flowers. Especially now that my roses are in bloom! I also have masses of sweet peas, and the best thing you can do for them is keep picking them, so I have scented bunches in nearly every room. It's wonderful.

Well, I'll try and take some garden photos to share with you this week. In the meantime, here's my latest arrangement of roses, sweet peas, lambs' ears and scabiosa.

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