Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pinterest made me do it: Heart shaped wreath

Oh, Pinterest. Such a great way to spend an hour or an evening, browsing and finding inspiration and being able to save it to come back to later. That's what I tell myself anyway, as I create boards and pin picture after beautiful picture, mind buzzing with ideas and creative plans. The reality is, I have hundreds of ideas pinned and while I love every one of them, I'll never get through them all in ten lifetimes. You might remember at the start of this year I decided to take 12 of my unfinished projects and finish one each month? Well, I fell off that wagon pretty quickly. That's why it's worth me celebrating when I actually finish something, and if it's come about because I saw it on Pinterest, that's fine too! So here's the first thing Pinterest made me do... a heart shaped wreath.

I was inspired by this pin. It's pretty simple... a wreath shaped like a heart with a few delicate roses attached. I used flax to make my wreath, and joined it together with fine wire. Then I wired on some leaves and roses.

They used paper flowers in the original but I thought I'd try attaching some of my Cecille Brunner rosebuds, as they should hold their shape when they dry. The cherry tree leaves got floppy quickly so I used some double sided tape to hold them in place. It will be interesting to see how this holds up as it dries - I may end up using paper flowers in the end if I don't like how it looks.

For now I love this easy and completely home made piece of decor! How about you... has Pinterest inspired you to create anything?


  1. Your wreath is so delicate and lovely !! I came across your blog via 'feeling stitchy blog.' I browsed through some of the previous posts too. - Gaia

    1. Hi Gaia, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you stopped by and had a browse, I hope you'll pop back soon :)

  2. Oh, I love Pinterest - I use it a lot for inspiration - I have made all kinds of different boards all relating to flowers.
    Ingrid xx

  3. I like Pinterest too. My 6 yr old son and I recently made some simple hand painted Christmas cards after seeing a pin.
    Sweet looking wreath :-)

  4. Oh Ruth you know I am a Pinterest freak. My key fobs are the first item I tried from there and that was just the beginning, my clutch change mats, go anywhere chairs for toddlers, casserole carriers and the boys wedding ties I was asked to do, the list goes on. Some of the great garden ideas are on the list for when we finally return to NZ. I hear you when you mention ten lifetimes tho, so much great stuff, must check my Ho Ho Ho board for some Christmas inspiration, oh last years wrapping theme was a Pinspiration!



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