Monday, 2 December 2013


 It's summer time, and that means roses! Here's a selection of the ones I have flowering right now. First up is Sexy Rexy. This rose is a good performer, but mine is looking a bit spindly this year. It's my fault, for letting the bed it was a part of completely overgrow with grass and clover and other nasties. I don't have a clear plan for the bed and I really need to sit down and work one out, because I have three roses in this bed so it's obviously in my best interest to keep it tidy! I did start by weeding it last weekend and that was a vast improvement.

 This is Claire Rose, a very frilly English rose. The heads are so heavy after it opens and the petals fill out that it droops on its stem. It's great in a vase though.

 This is Queen Elizabeth. It has very nice, classic looking pink blooms on long stems, and it's very good for picking.

 This is a new acquisition this year. It's called Ash Wednesday, and the flowers are an unusual muted lilac mauve colour. I love the colour, and it's growing quickly and strong.

 This is Frau Dagmar Hastrupp, a rugosa rose. It has lovely glossy dark foliage which doesn't get spotty. The flowers are big with five single petals and it's gorgeously scented. It's meant to have big red rose hips in autumn, but last year it dropped all the hips before they changed colour. I'm hoping for a better performance this year!

 This is the ever lovely Cecille Brunner. Such a vigorous strong grower. I cut her back hard every year and within three months she's towering over my shed again, covered with delicately scented petite pink blooms. The tiny blooms make beautiful tiny posies in tiny vases!

 I recently visited a friend's garden and took some cuttings to see if I can increase my collection. Most of these are for scented climbers and I have no idea where I'll put them if the cuttings take, but I'm sure I'll think of somewhere.

And this is a baby that another friend grew from seed. Have you ever heard of anyone growing a rose from seed? I must admit I thought it wouldn't work, but there are actually two little seedlings in this punnet! And look - one has a bud! I can't believe a tiny little four month old rose is actually going to flower. It looks like it might be pink too!

Do you grow roses? What are your favourite varieties to grow or arrange?


  1. what lovely roses - i love ash wednesday and will have to add it to my wish list!.
    i love Abraham Darby - i adore the fragrance and pink colour.

    1. Oh yes - I've heard that one mentioned a few times. I wouldn't mind another scented rose, if I can find somewhere to put it!



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