Thursday, 12 December 2013

Summer afternoon

 This is a beautiful sunset we had about a week ago. It was one of those ethereal moments where the colour from the clouds reflects back and gives everything a rosy glow. I ran outside because I just had to be in it, experiencing the colour for as long as it lasted.

 The lavatera is growing tall and spreading. I cut this shrub back every couple of weeks it seems, to keep it in check, so I've taken some cuttings and I'll probably replace it in autumn with a smaller version of itself.

 My gypsophila is a beautiful pink cloud, half obscuring the potted lonicera. I love the softness of the cloud next to the tall spires of lambs' ears.

 On a warm afternoon I decided to relax with a magazine, some crochet and views of the garden. It was lovely and peaceful, and I worked my stitches and daydreamed some garden ideas and watched as some clouds rolled in.

 And within a few minutes my sun umbrella had become a rain umbrella. Oh well, nice while it lasted right...

I had to go inside and admire the garden views from the windows. At least I didn't need to water anything that day!


  1. I am so lucky to find your blog. So nice to see a summergarden on the other end of the world. We visited New Zealand and of course Christchurch too 15 years ago and we were very impressed by the beauty of nature in your country.

    1. Hi Janneke, thanks for stopping by! How nice that you've visited Christchurch, I think that if you visited again you'd find it much changed since we had a big earthquake three years ago. But it is still the Garden City with lots of lovely flowers :)



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