Thursday, 20 October 2011

Weird cat behavoiur #6


Rubbish bin diving.

This is a cartoon I drew for Jon to illustrate what I saw one night when I returned home, after dark, on rubbish bin night. In the beam of my torch were two sets of eyes and two furry faces. One was noshing down on some (fortunately unidentifiable) food scraps from someone's rubbish bin. The nosher was having a great time - he was chewing hard, licking his lips, and thoroughly enjoying his triumph. The onlooker was not so happy - he evidently did not possess the skills necessary to balance on the rim of a wheelie bin, get his paws under the lid, wiggle his shoulders under while clinging to the rim with his back claws, grab out the delicacy and gracefully leap to the ground with it. You could tell he desperately wished to be so skilled.

Lui has honed these skills after years of practice. We now keep bricks on the lids of the bins and our neighbours, after learning the hard way, do the same. It also pays to keep the bins a good distance apart on rubbish bin night, or stealthy food filchers will stand on one while rummaging through another.

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