Thursday, 27 October 2011

Clematis flowers

 My clematis burst into flower this month. It began as a cutting from my mum's garden, which I kept in water till its roots sprouted, then kept in a pot for a time while I dithered about where to put it. Eventually I decided on this driveway spot and put it in. It was too late for a show last year but the plant put out leaves and tendrils and finally, buds.

I didn't train it in this heart shape on purpose, but I'll certainly be doing my best to keep it that way!

The flowers are a lovely pale pink. We aren't sure of the variety but Mum thinks possibly Montana.

I also took cuttings of a lovely magenta pink one. It was kept pot bound even longer until I decided on this spot, just outside the kitchen window. I planted it and it put out some leaves... lovely tasty leaves which were quickly devoured by snails. These seem to be hardy plants though and I'm not writing it off just yet. Some snail bait put paid to the munching, and it's forming some more leaf buds. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there are some flower buds in there too.

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