Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I've been playing with pretty threads this week. Gorgeous silk and cotton and rayon, and the loveliest textured linen to work on. I work back stitch and chain stitch and french knots and crosses. Tone on tone or bright splashes of colour.

This is a tapestry sampler - a little square worked on canvas that can be sewn into a pincushion or sachet. It came from the studio of Jane van Keulen - a textile artist who hand dyes a range of beautiful threads. She also has some lovely kits, and I stocked up on several - three different tapestry samplers, and a larger needlework piece, as well as some hand dyed threads and linen. So far all I've finished is the above piece, but I'm having fun with it. Embroidery is so lovely and tactile, the threads shimmer and shine and each different stitch provides a different texture.

Such a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Unfortunately I can hardly see to do it unless it's daylight, so luckily I still have my crochet patchwork blanket to occupy me in the evening. It's satisfying to be feathering my nest with such pretty things.


  1. That sampler is remarkable - I'd love to be able to stitch like that but between my arthritic hands and my failing gogs, I don't stand a chance! LOL!
    I'll stick to my painting and papercrafts, I think...!

  2. Thanks Ei... it does a number on my eyesight as well. I can only embroider in daylight!



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