Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blossom in the potager

Spring is definitely in the air - fortunately it's not making me sneeze too much! I spent a lot of time outside today weeding, and no doubt next week the weeds will just be back and laughing at me. It's lovely to be outside at the moment - there is blossom on the cherry tree, the grass is emerald green and lush, and flowers (particularly pansies) are blooming their hearts out all around the place. There is a heavy smell of blossom in the air, which doesn't come from the cherry tree but from the bushy green shrubbery along the fenceline. These enormous bushes are on the neighbour's side of the fence, but they are so tall that they've spread out over the fence to my side as well. It's the southern boundary so they don't block any sun, plus the birds nest in them. They also block the view of my neighbours' yard, as the fence is quite low and the palings are spaced far apart - a rather silly design really. So they have a function, I just wish they weren't so untidy in general.

This ballerina apple has also got her finery on. This is ballerina Bolero, and Waltz is not far behind.

 The peas I planted in the glasshouse are thriving. I thought they were only supposed to grow to 45cm tall, which is why I put in short stakes, but as you can see they are well past that.

 And it won't be long before I'm picking fresh peas for dinner.

Also not far away - fresh strawberries! Can't wait for these.

And the first bud on the pink rhododendron, promising a big display in the next few weeks.

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