Monday, 4 April 2011

Autumn days

 The season has definitely changed. This morning was warm, sunny, beautiful. I went about the potager tidying, clearing away dead foliage and weeds, and dug over the middle quarters ready for the winter planting. It was so warm everything needed a drink of water. I spent a lot of time admiring this patch of cosmos - truly, every vege garden should have some, it makes such a lovely backdrop for leeks.

See how pretty?

I bought a set of solar lights (to help me find the lettuce on dark mornings) and I put them around the potager. As I did so the day began to cloud over, and not long after it was raining.

This is how the day ended... raindrops on the window and flowers drooping in the dusk. Thanks to daylight savings, dusk is now so much earlier. About four of my solar lights came on, the rest hadn't managed to charge enough.

 But, this is the shape of things to come, and I have prepared. I've been crocheting myself some winter warmers, starting with these fingerless gloves. I pretty much live in fingerless gloves in winter, so I need a few pairs for variety. I found this pattern on Ravelry - it's called Firecracker Gloves. I enjoyed working them up, the pattern stitch made things interesting and they are well fitted.

 I'd like to make more in different colours, I just need to find some more yarn. It needs quite a fine lace weight yarn, which is not that easy to find especially with Spotlight closed (not that they have lace yarn anyway!) This yarn is ok but I would prefer one without the slubbing.

 I'd like to make some in grey, a soft fuzzy mohair type yarn (which I probably won't find, as actual mohair is too scratchy for me to wear around my wrists) and embroider the backs.

I have some more crochet projects to share, and will try to do that later in the week. Till then, enjoy your flower gardens and keep your fingers warm!


  1. Hi Ruth , your right the cosmos flowers make a beautiful backdrop in the pottager. The solar lights are great as part of your emergency kit too, if your power goes out just bring them inside.:)

  2. Yes - that's another reason I got them! I hope I don't need to bring them inside though.



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