Wednesday, 27 April 2011

On my reading table

 I've just finished the first three books in the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series, by Charlaine Harris. I've been a fan of the True Blood TV show since it started, so reading the books is of course the next step. (If I watch a movie or TV show and find out it was based on a book, I always get a bit obsessed with finding and reading that book.) Luckily my very dear friend has the series and lent me the books, otherwise I would have been tearing my hair out trying to get them in order from the library - if there's one thing I hate it's reading a series out of order!

It's interesting how much the same and yet how different the two mediums are. TVBill is very much the gentleman, polite and chivalrous, while BookBill is quite feral and definitely unhuman. TVEric I found to be a rather cliched Lestat-like character, but BookEric is a lot more interesting. Pam I love in both TV and book.

Any other True Blood fans out there?

 The latest NZ Gardener magazine popped up in my mailbox last week (I was lucky enough to get a subscription for Christmas). It's feeling very hello winter with stored spuds on the cover, and featuring tips on pruning and some recipes for home brewed booze.

 There are some recipes for kumara and Maori potatoes.

And a feature on chrysanthemums, quintessential autumn flowers.


  1. Hi Ruth is true blood the series that stared anna paquin? I read the twilight series of books last year and really enjoyed them, they are much better than the movies. Will have to have a look at the library for them.

  2. Hi Ruth
    I was just given a subscription to NZ gardener too, so have enjoyed reading those articles you mention. I'd love to have a big flower garden but we don't have the time to construct it at present, would need hedging as it's so windy here!
    Will have to make do with squeezing the odd thing into the walled veg garden!

  3. Glad your enjoying!!I will send you the next instalment soon :)
    PS long live book club!!

  4. Kellee, yes it is the one with Anna Paquin. It's a bit more raunchy than Twilight, definitely adults only but the characters and storylines are a lot more interesting I think! Dead Until Dark is the first one if you are looking.

    Bridget, you should definitely squeeze more flowers into the vege garden. A flower filled vege garden is even better than a flower filled flower garden!

    Abbey, yay for book club! Thanks for feeding my addiction!



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