Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Simple pleasures #3 (and a simple vase idea)

Simple pleasure #3... blooming bulbs. Even more of a pleasure when it's only May! These are paperwhite bulbs, the easiest and quickest to force. I didn't even do anything special - just put them in some jam jars with some gravel at the bottom for drainage, then a bit of potting mix, then a layer of gravel for the bulb to sit on. You can put them in a hyacinth vase with water too, but I'm hoping to get some more blooms out of them next year if I use potting mix (and put them in the garden when they've finished flowering).

Align CenterThey smell g o r g e o u s.

To cover the jars, I cut a length of white calico long enough to wrap around with a bit of overlap. I used double sided tape to hold the ends down (my preferred brand is Xpress-It). Then I folded the ends underneath the jar and held them down with a bit of sellotape. I added some lovely lace, also held with double sided tape.

You could of course whip out your sewing maching and stitch up some proper jar covers. I was in a hurry because the speed of that flower took me by surprise! I like these a lot though, so when flowering is over I just might consider making them a little less transient.

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