Monday, 21 January 2013

2013 - the year of unfinished projects

I spent some time this summer cleaning and reorganising my craft room. It's not finished yet, unsurprisingly, and I also came across many unfinished projects strewn around the room. Some I've discarded in a huff, some are just taking their sweet time, and one or two I don't even remember starting. I realised that for the sake of being organised I need to either throw these things out or finish them, so I decided to make a list here and attempt to finish them off at the rate of one a month. I'm not good at finishing projects for some reason - I seem to get three quarters of the way there and run out of steam, or interest, or supplies, or something. So that's my goal and I'll see how I go. The trouble is that exciting new projects are always coming along and capturing my attention, so hopefully I can squeeze those in as well!

So here are the 12 Unfinished Projects of 2013:

Ripple Blanket of Doom
Started in October 2009! It's an easy pattern but the problem is that I've made it much too big and it feels like I'm not getting anywhere with it. Also, the sage green yarn I was using has been discontinued so I either have to find a replacement, or cut my losses and just finish off the blanket as is.

Summertime Patchwork Quilt blanket
Started in September 2011. I still enjoy working on this from time to time but blankets are just so slow if you want them a decent size!

Rose necklace
This was fun at first but then I got bored. I have to make one more ball, one more pink flower and one more double sided rose, then string them all together and embellish with beads.

Rag doll
Nearly finished, I just ran out of stuffing! And I might make her some clothes.

Happy Things embroidery sampler
I like working on this, I think I just put it aside to work on something else.

Little Embroidered Christmas Tree ornaments
I remember making a big batch of these for a swap in 2009. I fully intended to keep one for myself but I also used them as Christmas presents so the one for myself never quite happened.

Polka dot skirt
I made some easy elasticated skirts over summer and now I'm trying one with a pattern! Well, it was getting late that particular night and I was tired so when the cat decided to wash himself in the middle of the cutting station, I quickly agreed to put this off till another day.

Granny Square Skirt
I started this one as a bit of fun in March 2011. I now have absolutely no idea where I was up to in the pattern.

Fuzzy Fingerless Gloves
I don't remember starting these, but it will be good to finish them by winter.

Row of Hearts cushion
Well, this one hasn't been abandoned, but I might as well finish it so I can move on to the next thing!

ATC display frame
I have to be in exactly the right frame of mind to sit down and draw or paint. We'll see about this one.

Wooden birdhouse
It just needs a coat of paint and something interesting for roof tiles. I can visualise this one in my head but I haven't gotten round to bringing it to life yet.

So those are the projects in no particular order! I'll aim to post about them at the end of each month. The first will be the Row of Hearts cushion, because the end truly is in sight for that one.


  1. Oh! Your rag doll is so cute! I can't wait for the finished product. Is she going to be a ballerina? :)

    1. The pattern I followed was for a retro, mod-style doll so I never even thought of her as being a ballerina. But you're right, that's exactly what she'll be, especially once I have made her skirt!

  2. You certainly do a lot of crafts! They all look great. I especially like the embroidery sampler.

    1. Doing so many is probably half my problem! I should do less and see them through. But that's just not as interesting!

  3. Wow, you have a lot of projects on the go! I would be afarid to start that many projects before finishing the previous ones, once I leave a project it is so difficult to get startet with it again. Good luck with everything, they will all look great when they are finished!

    1. I know, you'd think I'd learn right? The lure of the new project is just too strong!



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