Thursday, 31 January 2013

12 Unfinished Projects - #1

It's the end of the month and I've finished my first project of the year. This is my Row of Hearts cushion. I started this late last year and it must almost be a world record for me to finish it so soon after starting!

 Originally I wanted to recreate this beautiful pastel cushion, from the September issue of Country Homes & Interiors. I love the rows of colour, and it would work great as a granny square. I still intend to work out the pattern some day, but in the meantime I came across the heart pattern via Pinterest. Here is a link to the pattern at Dutch blog CharAmi - if you scroll to the end of the post there is a great diagram.

 This is a rectangle cushion. It's a really good size for when you want to tuck a pillow behind your back. I also like not having all cushions the same size and shape.

 I used buttons from my stash in a random mix of colours that match the yarn. In hindsight I'd add an extra button and have less space between them, because it gaped a lot more than I imagined it would. To make the buttonholes I just single crocheted up the edge, doing 4-5 chains to make the loop and joining with a slip stitch at the base of each loop. (Make sure you secure the ends really well when sewing on buttons, as they are quite prone to working their way loose otherwise!) I sewed the cushion inner from an op-shopped pillowcase, and cut open another cushion inner (also op-shopped) to stuff it.

 As a bonus, here's a granny square cushion I made a year or so ago but never got around to showing here. The pattern is one my mum saved from a magazine. I never quite liked this cushion until recently when I put a bigger size inner pad in it, and it suddenly looked much fuller and nicer! It was a bit saggy before.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the couch, someone was making himself comfy. Who needs a cushion when you have a kitty for a pillow?

My next unfinished project to tackle will be the polka dot skirt. See you back here in a month for the big reveal...


  1. I love the side buttons of your cushion. I think that gives it that extra dash of beauty. Good job! :)

    1. Picking out the buttons is one of the most fun parts! Sewing them on, not so much.

  2. I love both your cushions Ruth, and doesn't it make a difference when they are fat and somehow healthy looking rather than saggy and sad.

  3. This patchwork cushion is beautiful :-) I have visited you blog by accident, I was just looking for inspiration for patchwork cushion or blanket. Surprise for me was post about spring flowers - in November so beautiful flowers? I am from Europe, so it was incredible for me, but now I understand :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you like the cushion! Yes, I'm in the southern hemisphere so the seasons are the opposite to Europe. We're heading into summer now and it's great :) Hope you enjoy some of the opposite-season inspiration :)



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