Monday, 31 May 2010


First of all I want to say that I hate computers, external drives, file formats and wireless gateway units. They make me grind my teeth with frustration and kick things. If you could plant a computer in the ground and make it grow it would be fine, but as it is I can only stare at the growing pile of useless hardware and cords that don't fit in helpless anger.

Anyway. Deep breath...

That's why I grow flowers. They don't need formatting or upgrading, just some soil, water, sunlight and love.

And they reward you with this.

The gorgeous scent of a hyacinth does go a long way towards helping me forget my worries and it cheers up a cold winter's day. Bring on spring... only 3 months to go...

Now I think I'll go curl up in my nice warm bed, with a good, old fashioned, non electronic book to keep me company.

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