Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Simple pleasures #4

Using vintage crockery. In the above photo, the enamel canister holds baking soda (great for cleaning the oven among other things), the teacup holds dried chillis and the salt shaker holds... salt (it's not actually vintage, but Greengate! and I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday).

There are pros and cons of course...

The pros: each piece in my collection is unique, there is the fun of searching through markets and second hand shops, they are often very cheap to buy, I love eating off a different patterned plate each day.

The cons: they aren't dishwasher or microwave safe, they need to be handwashed, and if I break one I can't easily replace it. However... they are so pretty I don't mind washing them, and if I break them at least I'll have pieces for that wonderful mosaic something I'll create one day!


  1. How delightful. I`ve just happened upon your blog and feel like we`re kindred spirits. Signing up for your posts via e-mail!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, it's always good to meet kindred spirits! Makes me feel not quite such a nana!



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