Saturday, 3 October 2009

Brunetta's Revenge

Here is my sparkling clean glasshouse. I spent some time on Saturday cleaning it out and scrubbing out the spiderwebs. There had been a rather large spider living in there, getting fat on the blowflies that kept blundering in - I'd seen it several times dashing out of the corner to deal to a struggling fly. Which was icky, but fascinating.

Last week Jon and Tim saw it feeding and decided it was big enough to warrant the name Bruno. Although, the next time I went in there I saw the reason for Bruno's enthusiastic hunting - a little squiggling group of spiderbabies. So Bruno became Brunetta.

I scrubbed out spiders and spiderbabies along with everything else and didn't think much of it till later on, when I glanced down thinking a fly had landed on my shoulder. It wasn't a fly though, it was actually Brunetta and she was looking right at me with all of her eyes... horror! I dropped what I was carrying and danced around flailing, trying to shake her off without actually touching her but of course I had to touch her in the end and brush her into the grass and she fell on the grass and disappeared and I spent some time just catching my breath...

...And then it occurred to me, how long had she been there?? It had been a while since I'd been in the glasshouse, had she been sneaking up my leg, getting closer and closer to my face and all the while wanting to get me because I killed her babies?

I'm not a spiderphobe but I had to take a bit of time to calm down after that... it was just too close for comfort! And she's still out there, you know. I went back to the patch of grass where she fell and tramped all over it, but I'm sure she was long gone. (Off to a quiet corner of the garden to have more babies and when they are grown they will all attack me when I'm out weeding one day...)

All right, let's all stop thinking about spiders, and to help with that here are some cute kittypics of Mr Lui all tucked up in bed like a little human ♥

This weekend I'll take you on a tour of my spider-free glasshouse!

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