Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Quick crochet makeover

Here we have Exhibit A: a filthy, horrible, tippy-over kitchen stool. Inexplicably beloved by all who live here, it would be unforgiveable to get rid of it, but the grubby state was driving me mad...
So, after a few evenings in front of the telly with hook in hand, a new cover was created. It was quite simple, so there's no pattern: just keep working in rounds, increasing about every 10 stitches. For the pink and green stripes, I worked in the back loops only, to create a ribbed stripe. To make the sides, just work in rounds without increasing until it is long enough, then for the final 2 rounds, decrease about every 10 stitches. (And don't worry if it comes out a bit uneven or lumpy... once it is pulled taut over the seat, you won't even notice.)

So. It's still tippy-over, but at least it's pretty.

Approval: granted

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ruth!

    I saw your crocheted stool cover (attic24 pool) and I love it. What a transformation!
    I like your blog too. I will put your link on my blog.




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