Tuesday, 13 October 2009

In the glasshouse

Here is that tour of the glasshouse I promised you. Come, take a peek inside... no spiders, I promise!
Many treats and treasures are growing inside, including 2 strawberry baskets hanging from the ceiling, and 2 little pots of parsley seeds (one has a plastic bottle on it for a cloche, and it did indeed bring the seeds through quicker!) Inside the door to the left is Miss Rose Chiffon the miniature peach tree, and inside to the right is the Garden Prince, miniature almond tree.

Sweetly scented alyssum (I was told it helps keep whitefly away, but I noticed today that wasn't the case. We'll see how well the marigolds do!)

Seedlings in their newspaper pots await potting up. Here we have chives, onions and tomatoes.

Some more seedlings in a china saucer. Marigolds, Black Krim tomatoes and sorrel in the background.

Arctic tomato. This was sown in March and I was doubting the value of it as it didn't do much over winter. I had two inside and two in the glasshouse, and the two in the glasshouse succumbed to frost. So I put the other two in my sunny studio and they made it through winter. When the days grew warmer they came out to the glasshouse, and have rewarded me with vigourous growth and some flower buds. Well, we'll see how long it takes them to actually get around to fruiting - last year I harvested my first (normal) tomato in January. Mind you I didn't have a glasshouse then either.

A great crop of large, luscious mesclun salad. Delicious with a lemon dressing! Next to them is a folding chair - I like to sit in here and have lunch sometimes. On a cool day the change in temperature is very welcome.

Of course, you have to be in quick to grab the chair.

So that's the spring tour! Hope you enjoyed it. What are your favourite things to grow in a glasshouse?

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