Friday, 9 October 2009

Windowsill vignettes

Here's a view of my kitchen windowsill. I like to keep pretty things there because it makes it much more interesting when you are stuck in the kitchen doing boring things like dishes or cleaning up! The predominant colour scheme in my kitchen is beige, green and splashes of pink.

I'm growing some herb cuttings in this little glass bottle.

The cyclamen flowers match the cranberry glass.

Want to see a few more windowsill vignettes?


Small dollies and a birdie

Lush green cyclamen

Glass teardrops and hearts

In my studio window


  1. Just lovely, but made me feel ashamed of all the dust and grime on mine!

  2. I just have a wall and a set of cupboards above my kitchen sink - yours is so much nicer. Is that the little bell ( birdie) you got a while ago? My fav window sill here would have to be the studio one of course.

    I love the idea of a capelet! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the comments :) Yes, the little birdie (and the porcelain doll) featured on my blog a few months ago when I first brought them home :)



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