Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Handmade Christmas present round up, part 1

After spending the weeks leading up to Christmas in a blur of gift making, gift unwrapping, photo-taking and blogging, the day itself passed rather quickly for such a lot of preparation (as it always does!) Now that everything has been opened and hopefully enjoyed, I can show you pictures of some of the gifts I made for family members...

Boys are the hardest to make for! (Especially grown boys who are actually men but you still call them boys because they are your brothers.) I had some crochet skulls that I decided to make bodies for. Then they grew into funny little creatures all on their own. When the hat and buttons went onto this one I thought he looked kind of Victorian - like an undertaker or Scrooge from A Christmas Carol!

This one got a hat and some buttons but I still felt he needed something else. Some twig arms were added and voila - a gothic snowman!

I also crocheted some purple and red flower pins for my mum and auntie who are members of the Red Hat Society. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph them, but I will hopefully make more in the New Year and post about them then. (Some more handmade gifts to share in the next post!)

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