Saturday, 20 December 2008

Day 7

I'm a bit late posting Day 7 because we went out for the end of year work do last night. It was a fun night and I had some really good penne with lamb, fetta and smoked tomatoes... yum! But without further ado, take a look here:

This little pouch is from Dawn Supina and it's made from an altered tie!

Inside were these laminated cards: Permission to Play, Permission to Make Mistakes and Artist of the Year. They all have encouraging words on them and will be just perfect to have around for those times when I want to give up because a project is going badly! Thank you Dawn for this lovely thoughtful gift.


  1. Hi Ruth! I found you through Feeling Stitchy. I love your blog and your work is awesome! I will be following your blog. :) You definitely have some great talent and are inspiring to this beginner. Happy Holidays!
    Sheri from

  2. I'm glad you like the vintage Tie Pocket I made for you. It's made from an authentic 1950s mens necktie. Merry Christmas!
    Cheers ~



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