Saturday, 13 December 2008

Christmas is a time for greed

Okay, I know it's not really, but if you read my blog over the next couple of weeks you might be forgiven for thinking so. Have a look at this pile of presents:

I get to open one of these a day for the next 12 days *rubs hands together*. It's for a fabulous swap I'm participating in called the 12 Days of Christmas swap. I made 12 gifts for 12 people and each of them made a gift for me. Each gift is numbered, and we open one per day counting down to Christmas. Fun, yes?

These are my wrapped gifts. I meant to show you this picture before now, but you'll have to wait till Day 6 to see what's inside!

But now...
Day 1
The first beautiful gift is from Kathy Strittmater. This gorgeous pendant is made from a metal bullet casing and embellished with silver wire, beads and French text. (It came packaged in the little bag!) Awesome, I look forward to wearing it and having people ask me what it's made of ;)
Thank you Kathy!

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