Saturday, 6 December 2008

A garden tiki tour

Summer is officially here and the weather is beautiful. Hot days and warm nights mean everything (including me) is thriving. This is how my garden grows:

A rambling, cottagey wilderness of flowers and vegetables cohabiting peacefully.

Sweet and delicious sugar snap peas to be eaten for tea (or straight from the garden if you can't help yourself).

Strawberries thrive in hanging baskets and the birds don't come this close to the house.

Pretty maids all in a row... Guarding the door are the two ballerina apples Waltz and Bolero. Next is a blueberry in a blue pot, seven tomatoes, a lemon twig, and peeping around the corner...

Miss Rose Chiffon, my darling miniature peach tree.

If you look under the cover of the leaves you can see her babies. They are soft and green and fuzzy and the shape of a blob of glue from a hot glue gun - a fat round teardrop.

Pots on the steps can be changed with the seasons.

Miss Bolero and Miss Waltz also have babies... this is Miss Waltz's and she promises to be ripe later in the summer.

These little pansy sisters begged me to take their photograph.

I love to mix and match in the garden. This basket contains thyme, geranium and a lovely black succulent.

This is a potentilla which I grew from seed. It took two years to flower and I had all but forgotten what it was supposed to look like. I began to expect insipid, tiny pastel flowers, but what I got instead were these amazing watercolour-painted petals.

And finally, because I have got a fancy-pants new camera and because this is a garden post, here is the obligatory insect macro:

He turned his butt to me at the last second, then buzzed and flew away.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. I for one always enjoy seeing what others are doing in their gardens!

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  1. I also had the delight of a flower popping up when i had almost written the plant off! Thanks for the tour it was inspiring!



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