Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Sad Saga of Funnelhead

This is Lui, currently known as Funnelhead. The thing on his head is an Elizabethan collar. It's on there to prevent him scratching and licking at his neck where there is a small lesion.

This is a saga because it's been going on since late last year. He would let the wound almost heal and then scratch the scab off, opening it again. We've been to the vet countless times... opinions differ on the cause (most likely an allergy, but it's not clear to what) and the treatment (ranging from the lovely collar to steroid pills to flea treatments to hypoallergenic food to the suggestion of biopsies and skin grafts).

Poor Lui was a miserable cat when we first put the collar on him. It was much too big and would drag on the ground in front of him and trip him when he tried to walk. The next day I trimmed off a good third of it and it was much lighter. His whiskers poked out the front and he could walk without crashing into furniture. He could even get out the cat door again, although it would take a couple of goes to get into the right position. (Crash, bash).

I have to smile whenever I get a glimpse of him strolling past in his Sunday bonnet with the big bow. It bobs back and forth as he walks and, at the right angle, it certainly does look like a funnel..

Right now we are coming to the end of the latest regime of pills, and crossing fingers, toes and paws that the itch has stopped for Lui! If only, if only he can leave it for another week or so then all will be well.


  1. Have you asked your vet if it could be herpes? My cat has had several outbreaks---they are usually as you described. Very itchy, causing the cat to lick and lick. It's easily cured with a 7 or 14 course of famcyclovir. Good luck!
    Ann K. in PA

  2. yes, we've had to use that very same thing on our pets. My husband refers to it as the "rat guard" like they have on dock ropes.

  3. He looks quite majestic with it though;) Poor Lui - keeping fingers crossed that it will be over soon!

  4. Poor, poor kitty. It's so demoralizing for them, isn't it. My Zoot was distraught and walked backwards for days trying to back out of it when he had to wear one.
    I would try some lavender essential oil. It works on people, and it's recommended for cats in my Herbal Cure book. It certainly won't hurt him. Good luck to you both!

    Lovely bag you made for Caren. She made one for me and sent it over here to Canada.



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