Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Love in the mist

Love in the mist, originally uploaded by ghostmyst.

I've had some photos of the garden on my camera for a couple of weeks that I've finally gotten around to uploading! As it is late summer the garden is getting rather overgrown so I'm sticking to close up shots for now, rather than show it in all its untidy glory.

We started a bit of a tidy up on the weekend which was going to be just a light prune, but turned into a major tree-cutting excercise. It was brought to an abrupt halt when Jonny fell out of a tree and narrowly missed being impaled on a stump. He is okay though - scratched, bruised and grazed but otherwise fine.

And now there is a lot more sunlight shining on my tomatoes... roll on harvest time!


  1. Your garden and mine too! All sorts of surprises come up amonst the weeds tho.

    Ours is starting to wilt a bit and a tree Alan planted last year we just noticed is somewhat limp. Still green so it is getting a good soaking.


  2. Isn't nigella the prettiest thing in the garden? We're still covered in cold, icy, white stuff. Green is still months away. Sigh.



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