Thursday, 28 February 2008

Crystals and cat paws

This week has been rather a busy one on the housework front. Don't worry, I wouldn't normally spend every spare minute cleaning, but my dear friend Caren is coming to stay next week! And I had to clear her a space to sleep in. You know, my usual method of tidying up is to pick up the piles from the floor and transfer them to the desk, or vice versa, depending on what area I'm trying to clear. It's really rather difficult, doing the whole house... I'm just going round in a circle!

One way to beat the boredom when house cleaning is to take a break and go pretty shopping. So I did, and the best pretty I found is in the photo above: sparkly dangling crystal chandelier ornaments, marked at 50% off! I bought four, which I can already tell won't be enough (especially come next christmas). I think Caren and I might have to go grab up the rest of the stock...

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post about Lui. He's no longer called Funnelhead as a couple of days ago he ripped into his neck again, so I've taken the funnel off since it wasn't helping. I'm trying to decide what the next thing to try will be - any suggestions are gratefully received! I made a little sock to go on his leg, with felt on the base to dull the claws. However it's so hot at the moment I can't bring myself to put it on him, especially since it would have to be on for so long. I ordered some nail covers from Soft Paws, but they'll take at least a week to get here. Sooner or later we will need to go back to the vet, but I'm reluctant to do that just yet because I don't have a lot of faith in them... we've been back and forth so many times, and no one seems to know what the problem is. Every time we go it seems to be me asking the questions and making the suggestions. It doesn't help that every time we go it's a different vet on duty! Anyway, Mr Lui is a lot happier without the funnel. He's actually quite pleased with himself that he managed to get it off.

By the way, remember the crochet bag I posted about a while ago? I finally finished it and sent it off to Caren. If you want to see how it came out, she's blogged about it here!

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  1. He looks much happier! I'd love to hear how the soft nail covers work out.
    Yes, that is Zoot, happy and healthy. He is a beauty, isn't he? 13 years old and still thinks he's a kitten the way he plays.
    You and Caren have fun. I hope when she gets home my parcel will finally be waiting for her!



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