Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Etsy update

Oh dear, the Lovecraft Christchurch market on Saturday was rather a shambles! A lack of enthusiasm, organisation and trestle tables on the coordinator's part meant that I did not, after a prolonged period of waiting, get to vend my wares and crafty bitties. However, the good news is that I've updated my Etsy shop, relisting some older items and adding my new Tiny Trinket Boxes. I'm even going to add some more items later in the week, so do pop back!


  1. I added you as a favorite in my Etsy! Glad I found your blog through OWOH.

  2. I remember you now, you were in one of my very first swaps over at atcards.com. "Goth girls" i have a print of one of your cards.
    Nice to see you again.



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