Thursday, 5 June 2014

Winter morning

Early in the morning, the rising sun is tinting the sky with palest peach. The early birds are busy, holding excited conversations in the topmost branches of the cherry tree.

Everything is still and quiet. It's going to be a beautiful winter day.

The price we usually pay for clear days in winter is a frost on the ground. It's been a good one this morning.

The rather neglected potager is coated with white. The clipped rosemary balls and lavender hedge provide the main accents here, along with some sturdy leeks ready for harvest.

Lovely Swiss chard... nothing knocks this one back! Cold weather only enhances it's rainbow beauty.

Can you hear the crrrrunch of the grass? 

Anything with water in it has frozen solid. These autumn leaves make a pretty pattern in the wheelbarrow.

Five minutes later, and the sun is gilding the top of the tree. The daily defrost begins. The birds descend on the bird feeder, and I go inside for breakfast. Don't you love the beauty of a winter morning?


  1. that photo of the grass is brilliant. i do love the clear blue skies in the winter here, but not the cold temps at night - tonight will seem like a heatwave, being predicted 5C!!.

    1. I know! It makes it much easier to get up in the morning when it's not in the negatives! Not to mention I won't have to de-ice the car, woo hoo!

  2. Your photos are wonderful Ruth!
    I like the most of frozen grass and the last one - bright red tree waiting for warmth.

    1. Thanks Nadezda! It's always nice to see the sun on the trees after a frosty start.



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