Monday, 9 June 2014

Indoor bulbs for winter cheer

 I've got a few bulbs popping up early out in my garden. Mostly earlicheer daffodils. This happened last year, as I recall, and despite my worries there were still plenty of daffodils left to flower at their proper time. The early hyacinths weren't so lucky, getting soggy with rain and munched on by snails. So this year I thought I'd uproot my hyacinths before they got too comfy in the soil and bring them inside.

 I was given this great glass vase for Christmas to make a terrarium with. I still intend to do that one day, but in the meantime it's perfect for bulbs. I put some stones in the bottom and sat the bulbs on top, then carefully poured in water to the top of the stones, making sure the bulbs weren't actually sitting in the water.

 I also had a couple of empty preserving jars which I filled with decorative gravel before sitting the bulb on top.

I'm looking forward to watching these grow and flower. Once they're done I'll just swap them for fresh bulbs from the garden. Hopefully I can keep doing this right through winter!


  1. Ruth, I had an experience with bulbs too. The last winter I tried to force hyacinths and tulips. So, the tulips were more successful, some of them flowered. Hope your bulbs will bloom this winter!

    1. Hi Nadezda, I've never tried to force tulips. But I have done hyacinths indoors and have had success. I've never done it with bulbs from my garden though, I've always bought new ones, so it's possible some of these won't flower... there's only one way to find out though :)



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