Wednesday, 25 June 2014

China cabinet

I've just finished unpacking my china cabinet. This is an old cabinet that I repainted - it used to be a dark walnut - and changed the knobs. It has glass leadlight doors which I still need to repaint and fit. It will be great when that's done... hopefully soon (as I say to myself every few months!) but in the meantime I like it with no doors, it's quite fun to see everything inside as long as I keep it tidy!

 I had a good time unpacking my treasures and creating a little display on the top. I chose mainly white objects with highlights of green and pink flowers.

 A little selection from inside the cabinet. I like collecting trinkets both old and new. The oldest is the ammonite fossil!

 Hyacinth bulbs are enjoying the warmth on top of the cabinet, they will be blooming in a couple of weeks. I wonder what colour they will be... or if they will even bloom at all...!

 At least this one will! And it looks like it will be pink.

Can you ever have enough vases and candle holders... ?

I've now got a beautiful mantelpiece to decorate. I'd like to get a big mirror to go above it and it's not really complete until there is bunting of some description! For now it's home to houseplants and candles.

I'm so happy to be back home with spaces to decorate! It does make it easier to look past the mess and clutter in other corners. Have you decorated your home this season?


  1. I do like your cabinet without doors. You are so talented, as I think I have said before. I don't decorate much in the summer as I spend all my time outside. Those hyacinths hold so much promise! P. x

    1. Thanks Pam, you're too kind! I wish I could be outside gardening too... I've had to bring it inside as much as possible :)

  2. It sounds like you are slowly settling back in and putting everything back in it's place. I like how you painted the cabinet - looks great!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Thanks Ingrid, yes 'slowly' is the key word! The more I do the more I see needs to be done, isn't that always the way...

  3. Nice color and all look very pretty,Ruth! Love your china, especially two vases with handles.
    Hope your hyacinths will bloom nicely!

    1. Thanks Nadezda, I like collecting vases. I don't think I have enough though, there always seems to be a shape or size I haven't got!



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